Saturday, February 12, 2011

What an inspiration - update from Robbey's mother

June, I talked to Robbey's mother, Darlene tonight. She is an amazing women. She was having back surgery on the day this happened with Robbey. Now has more health issues and was close to dying, plus her husband has a bad heart and is really struggling with all that is going on. He is in NYC with her and travels back and forth between hospitals. his GPS broke today on the way to see his son and had a hard time getting there. there trials are amazing..but she said you could share this with your prayer warriors. Thanks so much

Dear Family and Friends..

Boy... does God have a sense of humor!!
When He says in His Word that He wants to grow us, stretch us.. and walk by faith... I have a completely new perspective on
what a faith walk is!

Most of you know that Robbey had a horrific accident in NYC, and is being hospitalized in New York.

As surreal as it was to receive a phone call from NYPD giving me info that Robbey was found on the metro subway tracks and was alive.. the first thing I said to the police officer is, "Do you see how big my God is, and how I thank Him for His Hand upon Robbeys life!!!!"

I am the mom who received a call that her son LIVED from falling 50-60 feet...

I am the mom who received the information that knew only the Hand Of God could land Robbey perfectly in between the rails of a subway, and in an area that the dirt between the rails was dug out whereby trains had passed over Robbey, but did not kill him;

I am the humbled mom who heard that a conductor saw something out of the corner of his eye, and thought it might be a body and brought all trains to a halt to further investigate..

I am the thankful mom who got a call from a LEVEL 1 Trauma center that spoke to me every hour over the next 36 hrs giving me information and accepting my permission to operate on Robbey 3 times within that 36 hr time frame.

I am the grateful mom that saw Gods Hand upon Robbey matter what the doctors report said, or what the doctors saw, felt, witnessed or believed..I know that "God has a future and a hope for Robbeys life and that God had not carried out that plan to fruition, and promised me He would "see it thru unto completion!!"

I am the most blessed mom that begin to call prayer warriors via family and friends who bombarded heaven with prayer on Robbeys behalf, and we CONTINUED to see miracle after miracle of Gods AMAZING Healing Power manifest in Robbeys life over and over again..

I am the mom who cannot quit praising and worshipping a Big God who honors the "effectual, fervent prayers of the righteous that availeth much!"

I got into NYC on an early Tuesday morning (2am) not feeling very well..

I went to see my Robo at Mt Sinai Hospital who has done nothing short of miraculous work with THEE Great Physician leading the team of specialists who have worked on Robbey.

I left Robbey at 4pm Tuesday evening.. I was taken by ambulance to Roosevelt hospital at 11pm that very night.

As I write this letter to you.. I am still in a hospital, but expecting to be released tomorrow. (after spending almost 2 weeks at Roosevelt Hosp.)

I was suffering with a perforated colon, (and will have surgery in about 8 weeks to remove a portion thereof...)
It was all so surreal that I was that sick and did not know it, much less having to spend 2 weeks in a hospital to get me to the point of going home to further heal in order to have surgery in a much healthier state.
I requested that they take me to the same hospital Rob was in, but they said their protocal required them to take the most direct route to the nearest medical center.. thus Roosevelt Hospital would be my destination.
As I lay in that ambulance.. God and me begin to talk, and I told Him I would take the high road as I knew He had both my best interest and that of Robbeys always as His First Priority. I thanked Him for taking me to a hospital where He would provide me with the best doctor to fix me up and send me home. I thanked HIm for His continued faithfulness to take care of my son..
That is soooo God.. Who knows better, than God as to how to take care of "their son?"

He blessed me with one of the finest surgeons I have ever met, and I could feel waves of peace flood my soul as I couldn't focus on anything for the first week other than that horrible pain I was experiencing and the fact that they kept me very sedated the first week to calm things down internally. However.. I could feel the incredible power of prayer as you lifted up my family in prayer. I could feel His Perfect Peace... I could feel worship in my spirit and in my heart for Him. I knew I was being cared for...

What God showed me so clearly during the separation from Robbey; Robbey being in one hospital and myself in another is that He does a much better job of taking care of my family WITHOUT me needing to be by their side.... All I had to do was focus on His Promises for my household and to.. "Put on the Garment of Praise for the spirit of Heaviness.."

The Power of Prayer is the greatest, most effective gift anyone could give to another person...
When anyone ask what they can do for me... without a doubt, the greatest, most powerful, cherish and coveted gift you can ever give me is prayer....
Prayer...It connects me on a super shuttle to heaven. It opens up the "Windows of Heaven and He pours out His blessings so much so that I cannot contain them.." He promises that if "We cast our care (concern) upon Him, He cares for us.."
He sends His Precious Spirit of Peace, Healing and Restoration thru the powerful words spoken in prayer!!

We are living proof of the outcome of prayer!! Robbey is alive today because of prayer. I am being well taken care of, and get to see Robbey tomorrow when I am released!!

My prayer for Robbey is that God directs me to the right people in hope of working out the logistics to see if we can get Robbey transferred to a Houston hospital for the remainder of his case. He has multiple surgeries ahead as well as the neuro/mental rehab that he must go thru..(the team of doctors here estimated that Rob would be in hospital/rehab for 4-12 months for full recovery)
It would be a huge financial and emotional burden to have Rob transferred to Houston and be surrounded by not only great med team, but family and friends who could visit and encourage him thru this healing process.

I was walking the halls at 3am and my spirit soared as I begin to sing Praise and Worship songs.. The words not only bring peace, but they empower you and take you to another level with God..

As I spoke with the Lord during my walks up and down the hallway.. I simply said over and over that no matter what.. I will always love you Lord.
No matter the outcome.. I know that You; Dear God have our very best interest at heart.. that He will never leave or forget about me.. and He has my family in the Palm of His Mighty Hand...

I don't know why there has been so much adversity, so many trials, challenges and what looks like the biggest mountain to climb in our lives, but this I do know... My God is so much bigger than it all! While I don't think my shoulders are broad enough to cope with one thing after another.. I assure you that my glass is half full!

All I have to do is look over my shoulder, and there is a multitude of people that would give ANYTHING to be in my shoes..

I am so blessed to have a Father who loves and cares so much for my family....

Your prayers for us are priceless..
From a grateful heart for your continual prayers for us...

Much love,


Thank You,

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