Friday, February 11, 2011

Urgent request

Urgent prayer need - miracle needed asap. Cannot get any help for her as we fall through every crack where help can be had; we've exhausted all resources.Cannot afford to pay a psychiatrist on my husband's modest income. :( This prayer need is for my teen daughter Paige, she is suffering with psychiatric illness and has been suicidal. Only a miracle can help us.

Anyone want to spiritually befriend Paige? Contact me.

Need prayers for 18 year old Skyler who would have been turning 19 on march 18th

please remember Kevin B, Jill, Kevin H, David, Thomas, Dorian. Thank you

Brand new to this wonderful group; I feel that it's so important to pray for souls in purgatory. You opened my eyes to pray for those who took their own life or died in a violent way. Initially I thought I didn't know anyone who committed suicide, but upon thinking about it, there are actually two people. One is the brother-in-law of my brother who took medication to stop smoking not aware that a side effect is depression and thoughts of suicide. His family didn't know he was taking this drug. The other is the brother-in-law of another brother, don't know why he took his own life. Please pray for Leland and for Leroy. Thank you all

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