Friday, February 11, 2011

Prayer requests - one of many to come

I am off work today and can finally get caught up with all the prayer requests. I am going to be sending quite a few today from the Facebook page. The follwoing are ones that were sent to me personally. There is one suicdal person in these intentions. If you are interested in spiritually befriending a suicidal person, to pray every day in a special way for that person, to be like a "guardian angel", let me know. Here they are:

I ask for prayers for a man named Jim who continues to attempt suicide for years. He has been suffering with severe depression probably for 20 years. Gone to Dr.'s etc. Stop taking meds. I am angry at the grief he has caused his adult children.

Please pray for my son, Chris, he committed suicide on November 7, 2006. He was going through a rough divorce and was depressed. I pray he is safe in Heaven.

I'd like to request prayers for my son Brian, who killed himself at the age of 12 on 7 Feb 1996. The tragedy of this event is beyond my ability to describe.
My friend’s family was hushed about her death but we, her high school friends figured out that she committed suicide. She had a problem and on top of that, she was pregnant. Her name is Elizabeth and she died in 1983. I’ve been praying for her as I dreamt of the Blessed Virgin Mary way back that she was in POOR STATE. With all the prayers, masses that we offered for her, I have a feeling that her release in Purgatory will come soon, with God’s Mercy. Please include her as well as the son of my Mom’s friend, Rowen that committed suicide too as he was heartbroken maybe back in the 80s too, can’t remember the year.

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