Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Praying for ones who pushed a soul to commit suicide

I got a note today from a lady named Mary who wrote:

The Lord gave me the same inspiration as yours, to pray for suicides. I wanted to share with you that the lady who saw the poor souls, Maria Simma, said that the Lord holds accountable people who may have mistreated or pushed the person to suicide [bullies]. From this, I saw that when I pray for souls who commit suicide, I need to pray also for those who may have contributed to the person's despair. So I pray for all suicides and everyone connected to them. So that includes their families, loved ones, their enemies and their enemies' families. Also, bullying has become a media topic. I believe the Lord wants us to pray for everyone involved in bullying. That includes the victims, the perpetrators, their families, loved ones, their enemies. I think the Lord wants us to pray for all of these souls because bullying of children/adolescents can lead to suicide and because both bullies and victims can be very wounded souls. Divine Mercy is the only answer, as you know


  1. Dear June,

    I'm technologically challenged. I couldn't figure out how to post a proper blog comment like the other members so I thought I make it here. First of all, thank you for your apostolate, you have taught me to return to the Divine Mercy devotion—I had forgotten how important it is.

    Please pray for my friend Julia, she died accidentally a few years ago but I suspect she committed suicide. She suffered from a very heavy cross and would always call me to tell me about all her friends who had ended their own lives and how she sympatized with their decision. I immediately suspected her intentions and told her that suicide was a mortal sin and that God commanded us not to kill—including ourselves. I didn't want to encourage her to do something stupid but I realize now that I should have prayed the chaplet for her and taken her intentions more seriously.

    Thank you again,

    God bless

  2. Dear June and other members please add my brother Joe to your prayer list who shot himself a number of years ago, my mother and brother still suffer terribly from the loss at times, and our family is estranged--Thank you very much and God Bless your good work.

  3. A few years ago we had a young man come to our home to install a water purifier. As he was leaving our house, he noticed in my bookcase a picture of Mother Theresa of Calcutta and said to me that he thought she had been an incredible person. Then he noticed a picture of Padre Pio and asked me about him, which I proceeded to tell him about (he told me he was not Catholic). Then continuing to leave my home, he noticed a large Divine Mercy picture I have hanging on my wall, and he began to cry saying it was the most beautiful picture he had ever seen of Jesus. As he was leaving our house he still had tears in his eyes and could barely speak. That afternoon as I was praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, I felt I should pray for him along with all the dying. The next day, my husband called his office to find out something about our water system, and was shocked to find out that the young man had died during the night (the day he was at our home) and they didn't know what was the cause of his death. I don't know if he took his own life and never did find out how he died - but thanks be to God for His Mercy! Thank you June for your wonderful story and for being attentive to what God is asking of us. Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day and spread this devotion throughout your Parishes.

  4. Dear June,

    Thank you for putting up this blog. I have been thinking of my cousin who committed suicide and I've been wanting to have prayers said for him.

    Please include him in your prayers for those who have taken their own life. His name is Jessie Boy.

    He is married with children. His mother died of cancer when he was young. One by one, he's close cousins, in his generation, also died at an early age of cancer. A few months back, his father also succumbed to cancer. He had just recently celebrated his birthday.

    I recently learned that he's had a problem with drugs (maybe to drown the pain of all the loss) and when his wife gave him an ultimatum to quit or she would divorce him, he took his life.

    I can only imagine the deep sorrow he felt when he did that, with no one to reach out to because they had all passed away. Another cousin said he tried to reach out to her when he came for a visit (he lives overseas) and was surprised because they were never really close what with the age difference and distance. Now she realizes that with our other cousins (the ones he was close to) gone, he was looking for someone to fill the void.

    I regret not having contact with him because I lived overseas as well.

    Please pray for him.

    I'd like to imagine him, my brother (who died of cancer) and another cousin (also cancer victim) all together again in heaven, enjoying each other's company like they used to as children.

    Please pray for them.

    Thank you and God bless.