Saturday, February 19, 2011

Holy water for the holy souls

A lady sent me the following letter and gave me permission to share it:

I was taken with the article “Divine Mercy for Lost Souls.” I do not have a computer and I would like my brother-in-law added to your website. [already posted]
On November 19, 2000, Thomas shot my sister Tina and then himself, leaving 3 children ages 3,5,14. Thomas had a while Jeep and the time, so every time I see a white Jeep I’d say the Eternal Rest Prayer for him, and still do till this day.
I also am up at 3 AM and pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for those in danger, especially children and those contemplating suicide.
I have a friend whose husband worked on the railroad, and he passed away a few years ago and every time she’d hear the train whistle blow, she’d say, “That’s Joe calling me.” So I started saying the Eternal Rest Prayer for the holy souls. I hear the train whistle all hours of the night.
When the weather is good, I am at the cemetery with my holy water. I know of three graves of those who committed suicide. I find great consolation when I sprinkle holy water on their graves. I’ll have some of the articles about it (see below) wrapped in cellophane at the graves and hope someone will read them and pass them on to others, I’ve had people stop and ask me what I am doing and when I tell them, they get excited and want to do the same. Some even ask where I get the holy water. I have a spray bottle as it’s a lot easier. I just love the holy souls and those who are in Heaven are praying for me. It’s great!

Excerpt from “The Incredible Catholic Mass” by Fr. Martin von Cochet :

“The suffering souls also experience a great alle¬viation when the graves are incensed and sprinkled with holy water. The holy water does indeed only materially moisten the earth, but in its beneficient virtue it refreshes the souls in Purgatorv, just as the waters of Baptism falling on the head of the infant have power to cleanse his soul.
Therefore, see that you frequently sprinkle the last resting place of your friends with holy water, for thereby you will allay the heat of the flames that torture them.”

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