Sunday, February 6, 2011

Prayer requests/list update

Please pray for the soul of Mark who committed suicide on Feb. 4.

Also please pray for Stacy(no relation to Mark)who committed suicide on Dec. 8. Stacy's suicide was less than a month after her brother's. Stacy's aunt told me today that their father Donald died of a broken heart last week at age 59. Although his death was not a suicide, we can still pray for his soul.

Fran updated the list again yesterday and it can be found on the website. I printed out the list and am taking it to daily Mass and Adoration.
Thanks, Fran!


  1. Please pray for Catherine, Lucy and Anne who committed suicide many years ago.

  2. Please pray for Ryan Fiaccone who committed suicide on January 20, 1997.

    Please pray for Brad Seaman, Todd Libla, James Pinkston, Tripp O'Neil, and Zach Gerten who committed suicide.