Saturday, February 5, 2011

Prayer Requests

These requests came from our Facebook group:

Please pray for someone with suicidal thoughts - he was robbed of everything and is elderly and his family is apparently abandoning him (that's all the info I have). Thank you
I ask you to add to your prayers for those who have committed suicide, Jack , a beautiful, but tortured soul who shot himself in his parents' backyard quite a few years ago. Jack loved the Lord with all his heart, but suffered terribly from serious mental illness.

I also ask you to pray for Ben, a member of the Mercyhurst Prep crew team who also shot himself quite a few years ago. My daughter and other crew team members were at his home at the time visiting his brother, also on the team, when they heard the shot coming from his bedroom. It was heartbreaking for his family and for so many of the kids.

Your prayers are also requested for my cousin, Wilfred, who committed suicide when I was a little girl. I was too young to understand, but it seemed a rare tragedy that has now become all too common.

Thanks again, June, for starting this prayer group. I had long forgotten to pray for these souls, much less ask others to join me. May God continue to bless and inspire you!

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  1. Dear Paige,
    Do not give up hope, try to contact Dr. Nemeh at His prayers helped to heal my daughters severe mental illness.