Friday, February 11, 2011

updates and another request

Update on Robbey who jumped from a bridge in NYC and landed on train tracks, barely missing a train:
Robbey is being transfered to a rehab hospital. He has done miraculous but has a long way to go. Thanks for these emails. Hi Mom is overwhelmed from all the prayers from everyoone. Thanks so much.

wanted to thank you all for your prayers and let you know they are working. Just an update on my brother Eddie who was suicidal. My Mama says he is working on all aspects of his life. Well today he told her I know I need to work on the Spiritual aspect of my life and he is wanting to go to confession! WHAT A BLESSING! Thank you for your prayers. My sister having Colon Cancer however bad has already blessed my brother as he nightly says the Rosary with my parents for my sister. My Mama says My sister's cancer has made my brother have a new outlook and he is getting much better. Thank you all and may God bless you!

Please pray for Ruth, her husband and her son both commeted suicide years apart. She is a dear herself and is also praying for all here.

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