Thursday, January 20, 2011

urgent prayer request

I got this urgent prayer request last night. If someone wants to "adopt" Michelle to cover with prayer every day, that would be great. (I have  names of deceased to post but do not want to overwhelm you, so I will do it gradually over the next few days.)

"My niece Michelle - age 25 - has tried to kill herself three times since 12/10/10.  She's currently in the hospital for the 3rd time and I'm praying that this time they keepher as long as is needed and that when she is released it is with proper follow-up treatment that will enable her to cope with life and be able to move forward.  She does not have medical insurance so I'm not sure if this is just how the mental health system works (or from what I've seen so far doesn't work).  I'd also like to ask for prayers for my sister who has found her each time and is under tremendous emotional stress and exacerbated physical problems as a result."

Did you know that St. Elizabeth Ann Seton contemplated suicide as a teenager? There is hope!!!!

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  1. Fran said on Facebook that she would take Michele as a "spiritual godchild." Thank you, Fran.