Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Urgent prayer request

I just got this urgent prayer request:

"I have asked for prayers for my daughter Heather who tried to kill herself
about 2 weeks past. Her blood acholol level at that time was 3xs the legal
limit. Just spoke to her this evening and she again mentions sucide; told me if
you don't hear from me again remember I love you. I believe
she is drinking; cries she's depressed/no insurance/but refuses to call
hospital & tell them she talks about sucide & is depressed; won't call a sucide
hot line/or go to AA Please pray for her Perhaps our prayers will infuse her
w/the desire to live and seek help. Thank you"

I invoked the help of St. Anthony, saint of miracles and lost souls, for her. I still have his first class relic on loan. If anyone wants a relic card of him (3rd class relic) to pray with, let me know.

1 comment:

  1. June I would love to have a 3rd Class relic of St Anthony of Padua. My wife is suffering from /schizophrenia .I do not know if its possible for you to send it to me as I am from Malaysia.

    My address is:

    Joseph Chia
    PT 165 Taman D'Tijah,
    Jalan Hj. Wan Latif,
    22000, Jerteh,