Saturday, January 29, 2011

On the "light" side

A member sent a note to me with the following little story. She said I could share it, but not to use her name.

I have to share another funny thing,
I had been trying to make tortillas and they just weren't coming out right, too "chewy". I figured I wasn't paying enough attention to the timing, so I started praying 3 of St. Gertrude's "Eternal Father" prayers on the first side, then 1 on the second side. They started coming out great! light, fluffy and soft. After a few batches I thought I would try other prayers just for some variety. Even though the timing was the same, (I checked it against the clock) it didn't work, I was back to chewy. So, now, I always pray for the holy souls while making tortillas and they come out fine--even when I get distracted and my timing is off. I affectionately call them "purgatillas".

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