Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prayer request

Please pray for a teen named Logan who killed himself recently. He was an A student and a model teen and son. The family has no idea why he did it. They are devastated as you can imagine. Please pray for them too. Thanks.

"Consider then...the magnitude of these sufferings which the souls in Purgatory endure; and the means which we have of mitigating them: our prayers, our good works, and, above all, the holy sacrifice of the Mass." ~ St. John Vianney


  1. This happened 32 years ago that my Uncle Jim took his life. I always thought that the sin to take your own life was one that would have the consequence of Hell. I now have hope that this is not the case. Please pray for my Uncle Jim that the Divine Mercy of Jesus will save him so that he may rest in peace.

  2. Please pray for 5 neighbors and friends who have committed suicide over the last 30 years.
    Mr. C., Ricky E., Amil M., David N. and Steven F. Please pray for their souls. Thank you and God Bless.