Friday, January 21, 2011

More train whistles

Virginia would like to be added to the list of "offline" prayer warriors. She wrote:

"I read your story on spiritdaily and wanted to share with you a
similar experience.   A few months ago in early December,  I also had an
experience of tuning into the train whistles, here in Steubenville. 
There are actual trains here, but I live 1 1/2 miles from the tracks and
don't pay too much attention to them.   However, on a few days  in
December, the whistles sounded fairly close as I tuned in more intently.
There seemed to be an "urgency" to the alarming train whistles and  the
idea occurred to me that someone was trying to commit suicide and needed
prayer.   This went on throughout a few days in December and also in
January and I shared the train whistle experience with a few friends.  I
was certainly surprised when I read of your similar experience and it was
around the same time.  Honestly, this experience is not really new and has
been happening for many years in other ways, not necessarily with the
trains.  I have worked as a behavioral health nurse and in that capacity
deal with severely depressed and suicidal people regularly.  There have
been many times when I felt a calling to pray for someone who was in
Reading your story has inspired me and confirmed my own and I would like
to be a part of your ministry.   Thank you for your work on behalf of lost

I was so amazed that someone else had the same experience with the trains as I did. To me, this is a confirmation that this ministry is from God (not that I had any doubts, but someone else might).

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