Tuesday, January 11, 2011

God's plan in 1999

As the news spreads about our group and we get more and more requests, we need to arm ourselves with prayer and fasting for strength. There is no question that this is from God. While looking for something in my journal, I found the following entry from July of 1999. It took all these years of prayer and fasting for it to come to fruition.

"In church today I got a VERY, VERY strong message  that I am supposed to specialize in one area with Our Lady of Life. (Our Lady of Life encompasses so many different areas, anti-abortion being the most obvious.)  The message I got was that I am supposed to concentrate on suicide prevention, because this is something that is not talked about much.   I'll have to pray on it more to realize
specifically what I am supposed to do.   This message that I got is SO STRONG that I cannot explain how it feels. Two hours later Sandy called me from Burton Funeral Home and said that she had 2 books about suicide that she wanted to drop off to me.  I couldn’t believe it because I hadn’t talked to Sandy on the phone for about 6 months.  This was definitely my confirmation."

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