Thursday, January 13, 2011

More names and more prayer support

Please pray for Jerry and Melissa who are suicidal, and Eddie, Philip, Linda, Timothy, and Dan who have committed suicide.

Marge, who does not have a computer, will join us in prayer, I know Marge and she is a real prayer warrior.

As we post more and more names, if you feel you heart tugging towards one particular name for some reason, you can "adopt" that person if you want, and offer special prayers for that person. I, myself, have "adopted"  one of the persons we have posted who is suicidal. I have, for example,  offered my Communions for her, holy hours, special prayers, etc.

As I post this, I am hearing train whistles. The souls are begging for our prayers. Thanks for helping. They will never forget what you  are doing for them.

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  1. Please pray for my husband who has walked out on us and made dreadful mistakes. He is depressed and making shocking decisions. vulnerable.