Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prayer request from a distraught mom

Here is one of the prayer requests I received tonight:

"Please can you pray for the soul of my 18 year old son Adrian who committed suicide on 11th October - feast of the Motherhood of Our Lady.  He had been jilted by a girl.  We had no warning.  He went off to the woods near our house and was found two days later.

Despite the great number of Masses that have already been said for him, I still worry desperately for his soul.  My husband and I have been begging Heaven for consolation - some sign that he is safe - but as yet, nothing.  At the moment I am feeling completely destroyed.  I have turned to Padre Pio in this crisis.

This may be of interest to others in the same position... Adrian had a very poor sense of smell.  I have found out that this can be an early warning sign of serious mental illness, for example schizophrenia.  We didn't find this out until after his death.

Thank you for your prayers.  We will remember you in ours."


  1. Dear June
    I would like to join your prayer group

    My son tried to commit suicide last year.

    By God's grace he was found in time.

    Tell me if you pray at a certain time, is it through the Rosary etc.

    Yours in Christ anne

  2. Anne,
    Did you join the Facebook group or this site?
    Or do you want to just be on the offline list?

    We do not pray at a specific time. And it does not matter what prayers are said as long as we are praying for them.

    Does your son still need prayers? If so, you can post his first name if you want. Or send me a note privately and I will post it when adding other names.

  3. Thanks June

    Please, pray for my son. His name is Adrian
    I will pray for all requests here through the Rosary.

    Yours in Christ Anne