Saturday, January 22, 2011

New member felt same urge to pray

Joanne wants to join the group. Right now she is an offline member. She said I could share what she wrote:

I was so deeply moved by your story "Divine Mercy For Lost Souls".  When I came to the end and read that you had set up a website where people can sign up to pray for those who have committed suicide, those who were contemplating it, etc., I KNEW that I had to write to you.  During the years that I have prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Jesus has shown me the special intentions and/or groups of people that He wants me to pray for.  He even gives me the words.  A little less than a year ago, our Lord added this intention (and in these words): "For those who are contemplating suicide; that their hand be stopped, and that they will instead take hold of Your outstretched Hands and allow You to pull them out of their pit of despair (and out of their fear), into Your Divine Arms of Love (and into Your Church).  Since that time, Jesus has added the following to this intention:  "For those who are contemplating suicide or an abortion."
       Now you know why I had to write and also why I am compelled to join in this prayer with others.  So please sign me up!  Below you will find my name, address and other contact information.  Obviously, this is something that is so very, very needed, as God is placing this on the hearts of many. 

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