Sunday, January 30, 2011

No coincidence

A new member of our Facebrook group wrote:  Hello, My father just handed me a copy of a page off of your website, "Divine Mercy for Lost Souls" today, just to pray for all those who have commited suicide. Then when I got home this evening, I had an email from a family member stating that the brother of a friend had just commited suicide. I don't think it was a coincidense that my dad had just found and printed your website.
Please pray for the soul of this young man. I'm not sure of his name.
Thank you!

I answered:  You are right. That was not a coincidence. Nothing happens by chance. My condolences to your friend. Tell your friend that we are praying. Also, since there is no time in heaven you can pray for the salvation of his soul AFTER he dies. St. Padre Pio spoke about this. I have heard it called anticipatory prayer.

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