Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday requests

Please pray for Kyle who hung himself in jail after having broken into a home at random and beating up its owners, one of whom later died.
I almost did not post this, but then thought to myself, "Who am I to judge?" This was truly a tragedy for our community but this young man had to be greatly troubled. The whole thing was very bizarre.
Also please pray for the soul of the lady who died and her husband and all who were involved. Thanks.
From the Facebook group:
Please pray for the repose of Terry's soul. Terry took his own life on Sunday, March 6th of this year. He would have celebrated his 46th Birthday this past April 22nd.
Please say a prayer for a Man/husband who is depressed and having suicidal thoughts. Thank you

Please pray for Pratyusha  who committed suicide after having an abortion.

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  1. Please pray for Derek , who over dosed and Freddie from Belgium. May they find peace and comfort