Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday request

Please pray for Jerry who recently committed suicide. The family never saw it coming. They need prayers as well. Thank you.
From the Facebook group:
Let us also pray for this poor family:

The bodies of two children under 5 and their father, 36, were found early Wednesday with apparent gunshot wounds in a home in a Wisconsin town.
Please pray for the soul of a man they found hanging from a tree today. I don't know his name but heard it on the police scanner this afternoon. I do know that he was believed to be a man who was reported as missing and threatening suicide he was 50 years old. I will post if I get more info. Thank you.
Please pray for this poor young girl and her family:

Destiny, a middle school student who killed herself on April 20 after months of relentless bullying, as her parents told the local TV station.

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