Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ascension Thursday requests

From Facebook group:
Asking for prayers for Will. I grew up with Will and as a child he had some health issues. He lost much of his hearing. Will now has intended to commit suicide any way he can. He is also combative towards women, threatening to cut them into pieces or slash their throats. He has developed a drinking problem that escalates his anger. Will has been comitted to a hospital for treatment involuntarily. While I am so disheartened to learn this about Will, I am praying that Jesus takes Will back to the person I once knew and gives him a reason to hope and move forward. My Jesus Mercy.

Please pray for Melissa Eklund. She was a 16 yr old who just took her life last week in Michigan after a break up. I never attended a funeral for someone so young, who had so much to live for - it was so sad. I am praying for her as well as all teens comtemplating suicide that the devil doesnt tempt them with his illusion of light and freedom through suicide. Jesus, be with them. Amen

Please pray for CHRIS he poured gasoline over himself & lit himself on fire. Don't know if he survived. ThankYou

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