Friday, May 20, 2011

Catching up

Forgove me if these are repeats. I am so behind on email. It is fun to go away for the weekend, but catching up upon return is overwhelming. Here are requests I think I did not post:

Please pray for Charlie, a high school senior who committed suicide on May 11.

Please pray for Hilary, who took his own life.

Please pray for Jeremy who struggles with drug addiction and attempted suicide.

Prayer request for Rosemary, a mother of three young children, who took her own life over the weekend. The family resides in the Philippines.

Please pray for Dean who is suicidal.

La Joya Police Chief Jose Del Angel, 44, took his own life. Please pray for his soul. (we usually do not use last names for privacy, but this was in the news.)

Please pray for Paul, who took his own life after killing his wife, her new partner, and his five year old daughter; leaving a 20mth old as an orphan. May God have Mercy on them all.

another one in the news: Please pray for Officer Philip Chlanda. A NYC Police Officer who killed himself this morning while on duty. May God have mercy on his soul.

Please pray for young Chinese bride, who attempted suicide, when her husband-to-be, left her at the wedding venue.

Please pray for Dorothy's nephew Lovemore who shot himself in the head on Thursday 5/12 around 5pm after his wife told him that his daughter was not his child. He has been suffering for a long time and had no-one to talk to. Please also pray for Dorothy's son who she fears is at risk of suicide, his name is Kumbi. Thank you

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