Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday requests

From the Facebook group:

I came to ask for prayers for a 14 year old boy named Embrey who has attempted suicide 3 times in as many days. Thank you for your prayers and I will be praying for all intentions here. God Bless!

Please pray for my friend Marinesita, She is angry , bad mood she suffer a deep depression and has suicidal thoughts. her husband is desvastated. She thinks she will never be happy, again, and does not want to be alive. please St. Dymphna intercede and protect Marinesita from ending her life and may the Divine Mercy of Jesus fill her heart with peace,and hope

Please say prayers for Mike, William and Gabriel ...three bank executives from around the world who all took their lives last week. May our Lord have mercy on their souls and forgive them of their sins and may they rest in peace. Prayers for their families too.

Just found this on another feed: another soldier has taken his life leaving behind wife and child.

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