Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday requests

From the Facebook group:
Received a prayer request for Ivy and Uri and their 4mo old baby, the husband seems suicidal... thank you...

Please add two more to our prayer lists.

Luis, who "was thinking to go to a building and throw myself off." He is a Dad with a great family, but lost his job.

Deveena. She was abused by her father as a child, found her mother dead one day when she came home to visit her, She now has liver cancer after drinking so much to get rid of so many memories. She does not want to be here any more. She has said she would find a way to do this even if it meant stepping out in front of a car. She has refused treatment for the cancer, stating "what can anyone do for me. There is nothing to do. Just let me go. I have the right to do this if I want to."

Both are in places now where they will hopefully get the help they need. Both are hurting so badly.

May Your Peace, Heavenly Father, fall like a blanket around these two hurting souls. Grant them the peace they so desperately need. Let them know the great love You have for them. Send Your Spirit to be with them. Grant wisdom to all who are caring for them. My Jesus Mercy, I ask these things in Your precious Name.

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