Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday requests

Requests sent to me because of the spiritdaily ad:
Please pray for Ted, who committed duicide many years ago and his sister did the same several years later.
Please pray for these people who committed suicide. Denny, Danny ,Alex , Robbie and Mike.
From the Facebook group:
Adding Jack to the prayer list please. Jack jumped from the seventh floor of a building because he does not want to live anymore. He hit an air conditioning unit on the way down. Still very much alive in intensive care. Many broken bones, but no severe injuries. A head/brain injuries of any kind. The healing process will be long, but I believe Jack is meant to be here and to tell his story. My Jesus, please continue to look after Jack. Guide him to what You want him to be.

Praying! My Brother Greg committed suicide in august 2004, trusting our Merciful, Loving, Kind ,Jesus Christ , I had a priest pray a 30 day Gregorian mass petitioning for our Lords Forgiveness, healing for the surviving family members and for eternal salvation for my Brother. My brother was born on Christmas and this is an especially hard time for me regarding his suicide, so I was praying for my brother and I believe with all my heart that my Brother is okay in his particular pergatory and here's why: after my heartfelt prayer for my brothers actions, I was blessed to see a postcard with my brothers birth place as if to reassure me that he is in our Lords merciful care. The birthplace of my brother is also the town where my loving Aunt lived her whole life and she had just passed, so maybe my brother and my Aunt are together. The postcard was so out of place in the tiny little mountain town where I saw it that surely it was a sign from Divine Mercy Jesus. +

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