Friday, February 24, 2012

Days' worth of requests

For a few days I was having some problems posting the requests, so there are more than usual in this one post:

Please pray for Jason Lees, 40, who jumped off the Brisbane Bridge with his 2 year-old son.

Adding Derrick,30, who jumped from a window yesterday. Many broken bones, but still here on earth. God please watch over Your child. Amen.

Please pray for Fr.Syverson who took his own life after a struggle with addiction, anxiety, and depression.

Please pray for Rob who hung himself from a tree this past weekend. He left behind a wife and two small girls. May God have mercy on his soul.

Please keep Dandre, 31, in your prayers. He is trying to drink himself to death. His Mom is undergoing chemo. According to Dandre " my soul hurts and I am afraid I will hurt myself. I am the black sheep of the family." Lord Jesus please be a friend to this man, he feels he has no one to turn to in this world. Help him to know Your Love. Amen.

Please pray for actor Daniel von Bargen, who played George Costanza's boss "Dr. Kruger" on "Seinfeld," who shot himself in the head in what appears to be a failed suicide attempt, police say. He is in critical condition.

Dear Prayer Family: Please pray for Ian, who took his life unxpectedly, and for his wife, recently diagnosed with MS. Please also pray for Antoine, 17, who took his life, and for his family, teachers, classmates and friends, and for Gloria. God Bless you all!!

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