Thursday, December 29, 2011

Update and requests

Have an update on George. The 87 year old gentleman who cut his wrists. George was diagnosed with lung cancer one week prior and was told he had 6 months to live. He also has a blood clot in one lung. Having been active...a volunteer at many nursing homes, a baker who gave so much away, he felt as if he was being a burden to his family. Because he was on blood thinners, he injected himself with 14 vials of blood thinnner, then cut his wrists. His wife and daughter found him with a suicide note nearby. When asked about things, George says he is sorry that he did not "finish the job". Prior to getting the news about the cancer, George has been perfectly healthy. He is now in a facility to help him cope and adjust to the next step in his life. It is very clear that given the chance he would try again. This man and his family are surely in need of prayer. Please remember him. My Jesus Mercy.

Have some good news to report. Three months ago we prayed for John. The young man who threw himself down stairs. It was his second attempt. Things have gotten better..he is now enrolled in college in another city, and playing sports. He is getting his life back on track. We also prayed for his Mom. She is also getting the help she needs. We have so many powerful warriors here, intervening on behalf of these hurting souls. Praise God for his blessing on this family. And thank God for all the folks who prayed for this family.

please pray for two people who committed suicide, one of them about thirty years ago and the other more recently - thanks so much (The Lord knows their names.)

the 12/3 / 2011 asked to pray for Maria Ine..... yesterday her sister call me she felt down in deep depression panics attack suicidal thought , her husband don't take care of her pray for him too!!!!!

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