Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day requests

Remember - more souls leave purgatory on Christmas Day than any other day!

Please pray for Lisa, mother of two teenage boys and a wife that committed suicide when it was discovered this month she had been stealing money from her job. Now more grief is upon her family left behind from her sudden death, let's Please Pray urgently for her soul and her family, thank you, SO sad in many ways, let's please pray for Lisa and her family, thank you

Prayers for Kelsey, who is depressed.

Please pray for my son, Ryan who's in ICU right now with a small brain bleed due to a car accident. No one else was involved, but he was over the limit for alcohol. He does not take life seriously and seems to embrace pain, like he deserves it, or for attention. He Made the comment that he wouldn't live to see 40 and he was better off dead. He is away from the church and just a mess. Please pray for his emotional, physical and spiritual health. God bess and merry christmas. Thank you much..

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