Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday requests

Requests from Facebook members:

Please Adam and his family to your prayer list for those who committed suicide. His funeral is on Saturday.

Please pray for my son's friends friend..who commited suicide..hung himself over a girl. His friend said it also happened a few weeks a go another of this kid's friends did the same thing.. Satan is attacking our Youth and we must pray not just for their lost souls but for the youth in general who are attacked for protection.

Please pray for my cousin's son who has attempted suicide twice within the last few weeks. I just found out about it today. He is married and has a young child.

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  1. Please pray for Dacia, she is 12 years old, from the Philippines. She is the classmate of my younger sister. She is contemplating suicide almost always,full of hate and resentment. She says that she hates her life and wishes she was never born.She is an orphan, under the care of her aunt. Her father has forsaken her, he has another family abroad. She has no mom. Her aunt and cousin treats her like a servant and not kindly at all. She works in her aunt's store and in the house after school in exchange for her aunt taking her in. She is angry and sad that other kids have better lives, and so rejects their company. Please pray for this poor orphaned girl!