Tuesday, April 5, 2011

From Aaron's mother

This is from Aaron's mother, Mary who recently joined our group:

My dearest prayer family,

It has been 3 weeks since it was discovered that my son took his own life.
There are so many people that have asked me to keep them updated that I
find it easier to just send a general message. The past few weeks have been a
whirlwind of emotion to say the least. At the funeral Mass the church was
almost full. It was so incredible to me that so many people came. Family I
have not seen in 20 years, friends...
My pastor gave the most excellent homily, even though he had never met my
son, the homily had four points. Mercy, purgatory, love and grace. It was so
soothing and calming and mesmerizing. He said the Holy Spirit led him.
As I said the emotions have been overwhelming. Some new facts came out as
to the whys but they are not necessary. In the very early stages I have
given this all to God. I knew I would never be able to handle it alone. The
waves of tears still come and go but it is getting better. I know my son had
a difficult life, he battled drug abuse for 16 years. Some years were good
but most were a daily battle. I try only to think of the good. I know we
did everything that was in our power to help him, he just continued to make
poor choices. When he was clean he was so full of love and life, he loved
carpentry and building things, and he was very good at it.
So many people I speak to believe he is already in Heaven after so much of
a struggle. I know he believed in Jesus, he wore the crucifix everyday that
I brought back from the Vatican in 2006. I now wear it everyday. I also
am having Gregorian Masses said for him (if you do not know what they are
google them). They began yesterday (the Feast of the Annunciation) and will
conclude on Easter Sunday! What a gift! So many masses are being said for
him I can only think of satans defeat!!!
I just want to thank you all again so much for all of your prayers and kind
words and thoughts. I received hundreds of messages. It was truly amazing.
I love you all and will continue to pray for all of you each day.
God bless,

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