Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apology and more requests

I would like to apologize to the poor souls whose names I did not post in the last week or so. I had been overwhelmed and just never got to it. So here are more to pra for:

Please pray for Richard, his nickname "Dickey" a young man I grew up with that committed suicide, he took his life by gun in an unfinished closet of his family home, his younger sister found him, please pray for his soul and the souls of his family as they are grief stricken.

Please also pray for Rebecca and Robert, one died awhile ago by a heroin overdose, she was such a beautiful soul but drugs got to her and please pray for Robert who took his life by gun, russian roulette and died too young.

Please also pray for Jaime - his girlfriend came by and broke up with him during a football game and he went downstairs and hung himself.Please say a prayer for Jaime's soul.

Please pray for Patricia who took her own life 15 years ago.

For City Councilman Roy who hung himself Friday, April 15th.

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