Monday, March 7, 2011

Update on Robbey and new requests

From Robbey's mother: THank you so much for prayers spoken over Robbey the past many weeks.. there is a chance that he may be released from rehabilitation this coming week! Not confirmed yet.. but is it not amazing what has transpired in 6 short weeks!?!? Oh! but the power of prayer!!

More requests to pray for suicide victims:

James H.- (in his teens) was very troubled. Died in the 50's.

Jimmy J.- very young man

Michael W.- 40's- died last yr.-

Kevin- 40's--died last yr.

Levi A.-in 50's -just a couple of yrs. ago.

Roberta B.- in her 40's- mother of 2. This was in the 70's.

Roy H in his 40's--had lost his family, lost an arm and in poor health. This happened in the 40's.

Mike-50 some- died a couple of yrs. ago.

Jean's son who hung himself in jail. He was 30some yrs. old. This was about 3 yrs. ago.

Dessie who committed suicide last year. Dessie had a very traumatic life and was very depressed the last year he spent on earth battling thoughts of suicide

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