Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday requests

Please pray for young Charlie who took his own life last weekend.

Juanita has joined us to pray offline. She would like to add Thad who took his own life because of divorce.

This is from Aaron's mother. I posted about his suicide a few days ago. She said I could share this with you: "I am asking for more prayers for his soul which was in constant torment while he was alive. He was just 29 but has battled drug abuse since he was 13. It has been a very difficult road to watch him through the years. He always cried out for help and we were always there for him but he always pushed everyone away with both hands. He does leave behind a beautiful 3 year old daughter Madelyn. Please pray for her and her mother,Tracy and for Aaron's soul. I fully trust and believe that our God is a merciful one. "

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