Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday requests

I have already apologized to the people involved, but now I will apologize to all of you.  I truly do not know that much about Facebook and do not have much time to learn, but I just now (through the Holy Spirit) noticed I have a bunch of notes marked "other"  from people not on my Friends list.  So when I read them, I found that several of them are for prayer requests. I will post them here, but I also get some consolation with that Carmelite reflection I posted last month called "Praying Backwards." 

Here are the requests:  James-Joseph who committed suicide in June of 2011 in South Africa, Alex, Byron who committed suicide in October of 2013, and Michael who jumped from a condo. Melinda and Laura are at risk for suicide and also need prayers.  Thank you, and again, I am sorry.

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