Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Saturday requests

From the Facebook group:

Please pray for a dear young Catholic college student, who is feeling very hopeless. He has a final in math that,he needs a B in and is EXTREMELY home sick. He has had a very ROUGH up bringing and his family life sounds like it is still in turmoil. THANK you all so very much . I love and appreciate each of you who pray for and counsel all who are feeling suicidal and hopeless. I am praying for ALL mentioned on this wonderful page.

Please keep Shana & her children in your prayers, she is very unhappy in her marriage & her life & she keeps thinking she just wants to end her life. luckily she knows her kids need her so that stops her. She needs strength & guidance from God to make the right decisions. Thanks

Please pray for my brother, a wonderful guy, who is on the brink of suicide. He is the victim of a terrible car accident 14 months ago and has not recovered; cannot see how to live life as it is now....

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