Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday requests

From the Facebook group: 

  Please pray for the soul of Becky who committed suicide and for the two young children who are now without a mother. Thank you

By now I'm sure most of us have heard about the shooting at a mall in Maryland today. Two store employees shot and killed, and the shooter also killed himself. Please pray for the souls of all three. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Please pray for Patricia, She is a lost soul searching for meaning in this world and has expressed doubt as to why life is worth living. May the Divine Mercy of God be upon her.


  1. Hi June, I just joined your Fab sight- How do I send you prayer request/s?

    Thank you and God Bless.


    1. If you do not have a Facebook account and join our group on Facebook, you will need to send the prayer request directly to me and I will post it with both groups. I look forward to getting it and praying with you.

      Thank you.

    2. Actually you can also put the prayer request in a comment like you just did, but not as many people will see it. I will get it though and post it for the Facebook group. I hope that makes sense.