Friday, October 26, 2012

Another request for Friday

I got the following in a note:  Please add Bob, an 87 year old man to your prayer list for those contemplating suicide. In May, his five children, one of who is a lawyer in Calif., came home, (they are scattered around the country with at least one daughter living an hour away). They said they were taking their mother to a doctor’s appt while one son took Bob to lunch. All were supposed to meet afterwards for lunch.  Instead, the remaining four took their mother (she has advanced Alzheimer’s) away. The son with the father just casually said he wondered why they didn’t come for lunch and took him home. No one told him what they had done with their mother. They have simply abandoned the father. A local priest has found out where she is…in a facility in Cleveland and will be taking Bob there to see his wife….he hasn’t seen her since they took her in May. They have been married I believe 67 years and he is contemplating suicide.  We know there is more to the story but the consequences of the children’s action have had their effect on him. You may post any or all of this.

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