Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday request and incredible sign

I received the following note this morning from a lady named Bridget. She gave me permission to post her note. Her sign was amazing and proof that our apostolate is in accordance with God's Will. So thank you again for your faithfulness to this cause.

"Could you please pray for my brother Paul? He killed himself by jumping in front of oncoming traffic March 1, 2012. He loved our Lord, but was so depressed about my mom dying 7 years ago (he found her body). He did call me right before, and after he told me he loved me, I went and said a Divine Mercy Chaplet for him. He commited suicide and died enroute to the hospital, so I am praying that he asked our dear Lord for forgiveness. Thank you. I asked for a sign, and this website popped into my favorites. God is so good."

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