Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday requests

From Facebook group:

Please pray for Terry Thompson, who had an exotic animals' farm. He let all the animals go, and then took his own life. (Ohio)

Pray for Osvaldo he took his life yesterday .Lord have mercy on him.

Prayers please for John an 18 year old who has twice tried to end his life. This time he threw himself down the stairs. He is currently in ICU and refuses to eat. I work with his Mom who is so downhearted. John told her she should have left him alone, he does not want to live anymore. He has a broken arm and memory issues. One week ago he was released from a mental health facility after the first attempt. He lives with his Mom, a single mother, and three brothers..his father refuses to take him to live with him. I am praying that angels come down around this family and seal them in with protection. John's soul has so much to offer, my prayers are that he gets the help he so badly needs.

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